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ZZ (Zamioculas Zamiifolia)

Plant Daddies of Atlanta

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The lush and leafy Zamioculcas zamiifolia (or ZZ plant for short) may be difficult to pronounce but couldn’t be easier to grow. Also called “Zanzibar gem” because of its African origin, ZZ plant looks exotic but is tough as nails, thriving just about anywhere with only a modicum of care.

Like snake plant, it has become a favorite among houseplant growers who love indoor greenery that doesn’t require pampering or a perfect growing environment. ZZ plant is also prized for its stunning foliage, which is so green and glossy it almost looks polished. If you want to try something even more exotic, look for newer ZZ plant varieties sporting variegated or deep purple leaves.

Not safe for pets

*Plant may vary from photo shown*

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