Who are The Plant Daddies?

  • Steven Crafton-Karnes

    Steven Crafton-Karnes


    Favorite Plant: Monstera Swiss Cheese
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Planty Tip: Shaking your Fiddle Leaf Fig will promote new growth
    Fun Fact: Uncanny ability with sense of Directions

  • Tyler Crafton-Karnes

    Tyler Crafton-Karnes


    Favorite Plant: Peony
    Favorite Color: Red
    Favorite Planty Tip: Dusting the leaves off will ensure proper photosynthesis to your plant
    Fun Fact: Favorite author is John Steinbeck

  • Alec Batchelder

    Alec Batchelder


    Favorite Plant: Philodendron Jose Bueno
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Planty Tip: As long as you keep your plants in the same growing conditions all year, you can re-pot, propagate and fertilize if your plants need it
    Fun Fact: I am named after the original Obi Wan Kenobi "Sir Alec Guinness"

Plant Daddies of Atlanta is an LGBTQ+ owned and operated company specializing in home-grown tropical plants based in Atlanta. We are help our community earn a green thumb and navigate plant care.

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