• Lipstick Classic 6”

    Beautiful plant

    Love love this plant she is healthy happy and now acclimated and thriving in my home . Plant daddies took great care in packing and shipping this to me with love . Would order anything from them again!

    Mariah (Verified Buyer)

  • Pilea Peperomioides 4”

    Absolutely love ❀️ I received my money plant on 8/9/2023, In excellent condition and bigger than I expected. I put it in my bedroom near indirect sunlight. 😍

    Anita (Verified Buyer)

  • Nettle Baby Tears 4”

    Beautiful plant, excellent packaging. Super pleased!

    Becky (Verified Buyer)

  • Alocasia Silver Dragon 4”

    Arrived very well packed and even survived the Florida heat on the door step. After a good water a few days later, she pushed a new beautiful leaf.Β 

    Highly recommend purchasing from this great group!

    Carissa (Verified Buyer)

  • Monstera Thai Constellation 4”

    I got my plant 2 weeks ago I love it so much it already has a new leaf!

    Hannah (Verified Buyer)

  • Philodendron White Knight 4”

    I told myself I would never spend this much on a plant, but I really couldn't resist, and he’s perfect! It arrived in a nice substrate mix, similar to what I personally use, so transplanting was a breeze. And he’s already putting off new growth! (: super happy.

    Kaylee (Verified Buyer)

  • Monstera Deliciosa 4”

    Casey (Verified Buyer)

  • It's Always Okay To Buy More Plants T-Shirt

    Molli (Verified Buyer)

  • Monstera Deliciosa 8”

    Just recently ordered from you all, and i am in LOVE. My new plant arrived safely and the packaging was great. It was an easy transfer to a new pot too. will definitely be recommending to everyone.

    Cameron (Verified Buyer)