Meet The Boys

Steven, Alec and Tyler are a poly triad couple who through the covid pandemic have learned to love plants. Covid has taught us many things. Many people have had their lives altered in so many ways. We have found ourselves in a whole new world. So many people are now spending more time at home, either because of quarantine or working from home. Two of us became work-from-homers right off the bat. This meant “breaks” went from hanging in the breakroom with our colleagues to folding laundry and doing chores. For us, this brought on a lot of anxiety as there was so much uncertainty in the world outside. We began to look at our homes not just as a shelter but as a refuge. A safe place. 

Plants helped bridge this gap and overcome these changes and challenges. They gave me a purpose greater than myself. Plants gave me peace. Not to mention they made decorating easy. My first plant was a Golden Pothos. I bought it at a big box store and said a little prayer as it didn’t come with any instructions, rather a small piece of paper with a sun logo. Before too long, I had amassed a large collection that had taken up most of my living room and kitchen (the two rooms with the most natural light).

Once we realized how much people can benefit from plants and how easy plant care can really be, the idea for “plant daddies” was born. We were not alone in noticing this trend, we found other plant stores in other major cities. Plant shops have popped up all over the place. We explored a lot of these stores abut felt there was always something missing. We talked for weeks and months about how we could inprove this idea. What would set us apart from the "plant shop."

You are now looking at the product of our brainstorming. We feel that we have taken the best of all these stores, put our personal spin on things, sprinkled our own ideas and bam… Plant Daddies of Atlanta was born.