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Bird of Paradise White

Plant Daddies of Atlanta

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This white bird of paradise boasts a lush green stem with long, waxy white leaves. A perfect addition to any home or garden, this stunning tropical plant brings a classic look and tropical vibes.

Please note: 14” pot cannot be shipped


*Exact plant will vary from photo shown

Natural Pest Control

Plant Daddies utilizes a chemical free pest solution in order to protect our plants future homes and pets.

We allow lady bugs to roam free in our greenhouse and on our plants.

You may receive a lady bug or two in your plants; they are non-invasive, healthy insects that will not harm your plants.

The Bird of Paradise can thrive in a variety of lighting conditions but will do best in a sunny spot.

Water your Bird of Paradise when the top 50% of soil is dry. Be sure to water until liquid flows through the drainage hole and discard any extra water remaining in the saucer.

Bird of Paradise plants tolerate average room temperatures 65-80° F.
 Common Problems Q&A
Why are my leaves dry and curling?
Your plant may be lacking moisture and humidity. The bird of paradise likes to be kept somewhat damp. If you notice the top 50% of soil is dry make sure to give your plant a thorough watering. You can also try misting your plant a few times a week or using a pebble tray. 

What my Bird of Paradise bloom?
Its not likely your plant will bloom indoors but given the right circumstances it can happen. Keep in mind your plant needs to be about 4-5 years old before its is capable of producing flowers. Keep your plant in a sunny spot, do NOT repot often and give it consistent moisture. If your bird of Paradise does bloom, send us a photo, we would love to see it!

Why are there breaks and slits in the foliage?
Slits are not necessarily a cause for concern. They can naturally occur in the wild  to help the plant become more aerodynamic in the wind and rain.

During winter months, we recommend adding a heat pack on ALL SHIPPING ORDERS. In addition, please consider upgrading to Priority Shipping to minimize potential delays and cold damage. 

Note that Plant Daddies ATL is not responsible for any shipping delays or cold damage. Read about our shipping policies.