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Reusable Plant Tape


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Mossify Plant Tape is the ideal solution for gently securing and training your plants as they grow with their Bendable Moss Poles or Bendable Coir Poles. This innovative and versatile plant tape is designed to blend seamlessly with your indoor garden, featuring a subtle green color that won't detract from the beauty of your plants.

Our adjustable and reusable plant tape is crafted from high-quality velcro material, ensuring it remains knot-free and easy to work with. Customize the length of your Mossify Plant Tape to suit your needs by simply cutting the single roll to your desired length. We offer three convenient dimensions to choose from: 10 feet, 20 feet, and 30 feet.

🔧 Features:

  • Soft on plants - (use the soft side on plant);
  • For indoor or outdoor use;
  • Re-usable & adjustable. 

📏 Plant Tape Measurements: 

  • 10 feet of plant tape - 0.5" width;
  • 20 feet of plant tape - 0.5" width;
  • 30 feet of plant tape - 0.5" width.

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