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NJoy Pothos

Plant Daddies of Atlanta

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The NJoy Pothos is one of the most uniquely beautiful house plants available. It has a variegated (striped) appearance featuring white and green colors. It’s no wonder this plant is called the NJoy, because it sparks happiness with its quirky good looks. The NJoy Pothos may be an eye-catcher, but it also won’t dominate the layout of whichever room you place it in. Throw your NJoy up on a windowsill to accent the area’s natural light, or use it to add some color and variety to a bookshelf. This Pothos “njoys” bright, indirect light, but you can also grow it under a fluorescent light. The possibilities are truly endless with the NJoy Pothos!

Not safe for pets

*Exact plant will vary from picture*

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