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Mossify squirtr


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Our Mossify squirt's are a handy alternative if you are looking to get water in very tight spaces. You can fill it up with anything that carries the same properties as water does.

Crafted for precision and ease, the Mossify squirtr is a gardener's dream. Its slender nozzle reaches into the narrowest of spaces, ensuring your delicate plants receive just the right amount of water. Ideal for orchids, bonsais, and terrariums, it's the perfect tool to maintain plant health and vitality.

What's Included:

1 x Mossify squirtr:

  • Holds 500ml (16oz) of liquid;
  • Clear & Pink;
  • Refillable and reusable;
  • Extremely easy to carry around.

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      Mossify squirtr
      Mossify squirtr

      Each bundle of joy will be shipped with parenting instructions to help you grow them.