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D'Vine Dev Self Watering Pot

Momma Pots

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Color — Terracotta
Stylish Design with Perfect Combination - Newly designed small self-watering pot with magical combination of terracotta succulent pot with a glass reservoir. Functional, attractive and stylish small plant pot set.

Self Watering Design - Terracotta material is porous in nature, even without the drainage hole, the water will slowly be absorbed by the terracotta pot and then by potting soil, which then provide proper moisture for the plants’ root and water supply. Just fill the glass container with water to cover half of the pot, and it will absorb proper amount of water whenever needed. Easily last roughly a week.

What’s Included? – Each set comes with a small terracotta pot and a clear glass cup – cylinder straight shaped. (Plants Not Included) It is perfect for planting herb, aloe, small spider plant and so on. You just need to plant in the terracotta pot, fill the glass cup with water, gently place the terracotta pot directly into the glass cup.


  • 4 Inch: 4.3 in (H) x 4 in (W)
  • 6 Inch: 6.2 in (H) x 6.2 in (W)

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