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Aloe Squarrosa

Plant Daddies of Atlanta

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Succulents, Cacti, and Aloe Plants are some of the easiest plants to care for. They are adaptive and can survive many conditions!


*Exact plant will vary from photo shown

Natural Pest Control

Plant Daddies utilizes a chemical free pest solution in order to protect our plants future homes and pets.

We allow lady bugs to roam free in our greenhouse and on our plants.

You may receive a lady bug or two in your plants; they are non-invasive, healthy insects that will not harm your plants.


Succulents, Cacti and Aloe can grow indoors and outdoors as long as they are getting enough sunlight. If growing indoors, place the plant near a sunny window. South facing windows will provide the best sunlight. Not all succulents will bloom but those who do will usually bloom once or twice a year.

The rule of thumb is to water Succulent, Cacti and Aloe plants when the soil is dry. Do not water if the soil is still moist or wet. Determine how long it takes for the soil to dry completely and you can start a watering schedule. They do best in soil that doesn't hold water. If your soil does not drain well, add some sand or gravel to increase drainage.

Succulent, Cacti and Aloe plants can survive in most climates. You must only be cautious if the temperature reaches below freezing or surpasses 100°F. Be prepared to relocate your plants on pots if you experience these weather conditions.

 Common Problems Q&A
Why are my leaves wilted, wrinkled and crispy?
This is likely a sign of under watering. Although Succulents, Cacti and Aloe plants do not need much water they still cannot be completely neglected. You should water you plant soon after the soil has completely dried out.

Why are my leaves turning yellow, transparent and soggy?
This is generally a sign of over watering. You should cut back on your watering schedule and only water when your soil has dried out. If you were watering once a week and notice these signs, try cutting back and watering once every 2 weeks.

Why is my plant experiencing leggy growth?
Leggy growth is likely a sign of inadequate light. When succulents aren't receiving enough light they stretch in order to get closer to sunlight. Try moving your plant to a sunny window.

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Aloe Squarrosa
Aloe Squarrosa