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Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix 5qt

IvyMay & Co.

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Our cactus & succulent potting mix is: -Registered & compliant in all 50 States -5 Dry Qts -Ready-to-use & optimal draining! No extra amendments or nutrients needed. -Soil-free, peat-free and coco coir-free. Made mostly of perlite and pumice with some redwood bark - our favorite renewable resource. -Sustainably sourced. -Charitable. Every bag sold plants a tree to restore the coastal redwood forest in California via non-profit One Tree Planted. -Sourced & hand-poured in the United States Our redwood is a product of sustainable forest management, meaning that the trees harvested were planted to keep up with the demand of forest products. This allows for the preservation of established forests, protecting their health and ecosystems.

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