Stromanthe Q&A

Why are my leaves turning yellow?
The most likely cause of yellowing leaves is over watering. Although Stromanthe plants like to be kept damp but they do not want to be wet or over saturated. Only water your plant when the top inch of soil is dry, and try maintaining a consistent watering schedule. 

Why are my leaves turning brown at the edges?
First snip off the brown leaves, so your plant can dedicate more energy to its healthy leaves and new growth. If more than 20% of your leaves are affected, trim the leaves in stages so you do not shock your plant. Your plant may not be receiving enough water. Brown leaves can also be caused by your tap water. It may be a good idea to filter your water or let the water sit overnight to relieve some of the chlorine.  

Why are my leaves wrinkly or withered?
The air is likely too dry for your Stromanthe. Try regularly misting your plant to boost moisture levels. Also make sure your Stromanthe is not too close to a heater or air conditioner.