Palm Q&A

Why are my leaves turning yellow?
This is likely due to improper light. Palm plants adapt well in low light areas, however if a Palm is in an area that is too dark, leaves will start to turn yellow and growth will stop. Find an area in your home where your Palm will receive medium natural light. 

Why are the tips of my leaves turning brown?
This may be due to either over or under watering. If the top level of soil is moist or wet to the touch, you should not water your plant. If the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry then it is time to water your plant again! Maintaining a consistent watering schedule will keep your Palm happy.
What soil is best for a Palm plant?
Most house plants benefit from well-draining soil and the Palm is no exception. Palm plants are native to the rainforest so they like it moist and humid. A soil that does not drain well can lead to root rot.