Monstera Care Guide

Monstera plants are very adaptable and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. They do best in low to bright indirect light, however they will grow faster in bright indirect light. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight as that will burn their beautiful foliage.

You should water your Monstera when the top 2-3 inches of soil is dry. Water your plant until water flows from the bottom drainage hole and discard any excess water in the saucer. Monstera plants can do well in many environments but if you would like to give your plant an extra boost you can mist it once a week, preferably in the morning to allow the water to evaporate throughout the day.

The ideal temperature for a Monstera is between 60 –80° F. They do not tolerate temperatures below 55° F. It is best avoid placing your Monstera near cold drafts and direct airflow from a heater. 


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