Ivy Q&A

Why are my leaves brown/have dead patches?
Your plant is likely experiencing leaf scorch. Harsh sun and drying conditions can be the cause of this. Ivy growing a south facing wall and pavement may be scorched by reflected light and heat. keeping a consistent watering schedule can help prevent this. 

Why are my leaves crispy and have brown edges?
Unlike most houseplants crispy leaves and brown edges does not mean your Ivy needs more water. Your Ivy plant actually needs less water. Ivy plants have brown leaves because the roots are too wet and cannot bring the necessary nutrients to the plant. It is better to keep your Ivy plant on the dry side.

Why is my Ivy dropping leaves?
This is likely due to an environmental imbalance. This is particularly common during the winter months when the heater is on creating dry air and therefore causing leaf drop. Consider moving your plant to a less drafty spot and increase humidity with a humidifier.