Bromeliad Q&A

Why are my leaves yellowing?
The most common reason Bromeliads have yellow leaves is due to improper soil moisture/ overwatering. When watering you plant make sure to pour enough water so that liquid pours out the bottom drainage holes into a saucer. Pour out water in saucer, do not let the plant sit in water, this may lead to root rot.

What is the best size pot for my bromeliad?
A bromeliad's roots act as anchor and do not grow very large. A small pot about 4-6 inches should be large enough to hold our bromeliad plants. Using a pot that is too large will result in the potting soil retaining too much water and can eventually lead to root rot which causes the plant to die.

Why are my leaves Turning brown and drying out?
This most likely means that your bromeliad is lacking moisture, which could either mean you are not watering your plant enough or it is in an environment with low humidity. Try watering your bromeliad more frequently and maintaining a regular watering schedule.