Bird of Paradise Q&A

Why are my leaves dry and curling?
Your plant may be lacking moisture and humidity. The bird of paradise likes to be kept somewhat damp. If you notice the top 50% of soil is dry make sure to give your plant a thorough watering. You can also try misting your plant a few times a week or using a pebble tray. 

What my Bird of Paradise bloom?
Its not likely your plant will bloom indoors but given the right circumstances it can happen. Keep in mind your plant needs to be about 4-5 years old before its is capable of producing flowers. Keep your plant in a sunny spot, do NOT repot often and give it consistent moisture. If your bird of Paradise does bloom, send us a photo, we would love to see it!

Why are there breaks and slits in the foliage?
Slits are not necessarily a cause for concern. They can naturally occur in the wild  to help the plant become more aerodynamic in the wind and rain.