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Ficus Ruby Pink

Plant Daddies of Atlanta

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Ficus, commonly known as the rubber plant has large leaves and is easy to care for. Although the Ficus plants grow naturally in lowland tropical forests they can thrive in a large range of environments.


*Exact plant may vary from photo shown

Natural Pest Control

Plant Daddies utilizes a chemical free pest solution in order to protect our plants future homes and pets.

We allow lady bugs to roam free in our greenhouse and on our plants.

You may receive a lady bug or two in your plants; they are non-invasive, healthy insects that will not harm your plants.


Place the Ficus near a window in a room that gets bright light in the summer with more moderate light in the winter. Turn the plant occasionally so all the growth does not occur on one side.

Water weekly during the summer with room temperature water. Add water until it drains from the bottom of the pot. Discard the excess water if it flows into a container. Adjust the watering for your plant. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. If the leaves turn yellow and begin to drop, you may need to increase or decrease the amount of water. Check the root ball. If the roots are soggy water the plant less often. If they are dry, increase watering. Humidity and light levels affect the amount of water needed.

Ficus plants will do best in temperatures between 50° to 85° F. If the temperatures exceed this the leaves will loose their turgid appearance. It is best to avoid any quick temperature drops.

 Common Problems Q&A

Why are my leaves dry and brown?
You may be under watering your plant, it is best to maintain a consistent watering schedule and water your Ficus when the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry. It is also a good idea to trim off the brown leaves so your plant can put more energy into healthy new growth.

Why are my leaves dropping?
Ficus plants like to have consistently moist soil. Make sure you are not over or under watering your plant and try maintaining a regular watering schedule.

Why are my leaves yellowing?
This is likely due to water stress or low humidity. If the soil is moist and you still notice yellowing leaves try misting the leaves to increase humidity.


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Ficus Ruby Pink
Ficus Ruby Pink
Ficus Ruby Pink
Ficus Ruby Pink