Pet-Friendly Plants for your Furry Friends!

By Plant Daddies of Atlanta

Ever wanted to get a plant but were nervous as you have a
furry friend at home? While many plants can or will be harmful to your pets;
here is a list of 6 varieties that you can add to your collection!

  • 1. Spider Plants  

    1. Spider Plants

    Despite their name, spider plants are one of the safest plants you can grow indoors! You can forget about them forever and they’ll still push through healthily. If you’re looking for a nice plant that will fill out a hanging basket or statement center piece, look no further.

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  • 2. Lipstick Plants  

    2. Lipstick Plants

    These are a beautiful plant that does bloom give the right care. The shape of the leaves and the color give them a unique look and feel. These can brighten up any space if you’re looking for a plant with growth.

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  • 3. Air Plants  

    3. Air Plants

    These plants are unique as they do not need soil to survive! You can use them for decoration or give them a cute home in an air plant hanger. These are a low maintenance plant perfect for any beginner (just remember that they do need a good soaking and let them dry upside down).

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  • 4. Peperomias  

    4. Peperomias

    These plants come in a variety of styles. If you find the perfect space in your home with some humidity and bright indirect light, you will see this plant take off!

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  • 5. Marantas  

    5. Marantas

    Commonly known as “prayer plants” as their leaves tend to open and close throughout the day are easy to care for plants!

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  • 6. Haworthia  

    6. Haworthia

    This type of succulent are perfect houseplants that can give a funky and unique twist to your space! They are also the right plant if you’re a beginner as they do not need a lot of care.

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We hope that these tips help ease your mind that plants and your furry friends can live under one roof! A quick website that we find useful is from the ASPCA. With their easy-to-follow search function; you’ll be able to scroll through the best non-toxic plants that fit your home! 🌱